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“Azendoo allows us to actually have team meetings without going over projects. We want to talk about design and new ideas. We don’t want to be talking about "did you do this task, did you do that task" in a meeting. I just don’t think it’s viable and Azendoo has taken that away very quickly for us, which is fantastic.”



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How does your pricing work? Azendoo subscription model is simple and straightforward: we charge a monthly or yearly fee for each team member. The amount and billing period depends on the plan you choose for your team.

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Azendoo has an up-to-date competitor strategy, thanks to Mention. “We’ve got mentions for every one of our competitors. When they launch a new feature, we can follow those thanks to Mention and share them among our team.

Azendoo Reviews and Pricing – 2020

Azendoo is a project management application that helps teams plan and share tasks, sync on projects and communicate more efficiently. Available as web, desktop and mobile applications, Azendoo enables companies of all sizes to increase productivity.

Using Google with Azendoo | Azendoo Help Center

Login to Azendoo using your Google account; Invite people from your Google contacts to join a team on Azendoo Seamlessly share selected Google Drive documents with teammates; You can read our Google Drive integration article to learn how to share files with your team on Azendoo. How to link my Google account to Azendoo

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Azendoo is a work collaboration platform, available both on desktop and mobile, and a digital transformation specialist. We're all about providing teams with the possibility to collaborate better, faster and to get things done together. One of the fastest growing startups in France, Azendoo is a messaging app used by remote teams.

Azendoo – Integration Help & Support | Zapier

Login to your Azendoo account. Head over to your "Account Settings" page, and onto the "Applications" tab. Scroll down to the API key generator and create a new API key for Zapier. Paste your key back into your Zapier account and then “Continue”. If your API was entered correctly your Azendoo account will now be successfully connected.

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Using Box with Azendoo | Azendoo Help Center

Open the Box window from Azendoo and login when prompted; Log into Box on their website ( This will log you into Box on your browser, and you will be able to share files on Azendoo. How to share a Box file or folder.

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